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What...You Thought All We Did Was Skimboarded!?!?!
Here are some random pictures of us wakeboarding and snowboarding. We make a snowboard trip out west to Colorado every year and another is in the process for end of November.

Josh Doing a huge hoochie glide!
Nick biting off of Josh's style
Not quite as good as Josh's hoochie
Scarecrow it is
...By the way, on this day the air was about 55 degrees...do you see a wetsuit???
Off Axis 540
"...Hey Nick...did you ever land one...ever?"
Nick making the rail at breckenridge his biotch
This day was warm...in the 50s...all you need is a long sleeve shirt
Warp Speed
Hey, Have You Guys Ever Seen Snow Before?
what do ya expect from a bunch of Florida boys