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Josh and Cee-Lo from "Goodie Mob" just chillen!

Nick & Manny "The Shark Hunter"
Sorry that the picture is all off center...the drunkest guy in the world took the picture during spring break!
We don't mess around when it comes to hula hoops
The embarassing part is not that we made our own hula hooping contest in the middle of FAO Schwartz, its that we got beat by some little girl!
T-minus 10 seconds until we get kicked out!
Which one can hoola-hoop longer...ready...GO!
Picture Perfect
At Palm Beach Skim, we go that extra mile to make your pictures look grrrrrrrrreat!!!
Butts Only - Josh in Hawaii
I guess the people on Oahu usually have a hard time learning how to sit,
so they have to have it spelled out for them.
Nick and His Girlfriend
PS: we no longer support ZAP...unless they wanna give us some free stuff

WAL MART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What else is there to do at 3:30 in the morning
Hydraulics On A Golf Cart
What will they think of next
Skim School Is Now In Session
Yes...We can teach YOU how to skim