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Find links to all kinds of sites
Here you can find links to stuff we like. And if we like it, then everybody should like it.

Good Skim Sites
Josh's Online Journal Josh's Online Journal
GoSkim One of the best sites, like skimonline and skimcity
SkimCity A good site, with local reports, good pics, and you can also shop online
PCskim Florida skimsite, hasn't been updated in a while, good site for Florida though

Favorite Sites
Victoria Skim Victoria makes sick boards. We all like sick boards. Everyone wants a sick board. Sick boards are good. You are getting very sleepy......
eBAY need a skim board...check out might find a good deal!
EbaumsWorld This is a great site! Click on games and create a ride! It is fun as hell! there are about a million other funny things on here
Mini Putt Who wants to go mini putting!!!
ZAP Skimboards Need to contact ZAP...Looking for a new board...Then ZAP is your place to be!
Josh's brother's site Those who know Caleb know that he is always up to something new so go there and check him out!
Exile Skimboards Exile is brand new and chances are you might not have heard of them yet (other than in our product of the week section) so check them out.
Create a Ride!!!!! Create a Ride! Make anything form your dream custom the riciest of the rice! sure to hit switches!
Hot or Not Rate Girls, Rate Guys, or Get Rated!


We hope that you enjoy some of our favorite sites...if you have any sites of your own, email us and you might just see them posted