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Nick and Josh: Background and Present Info
Whats up to all you skimboarders out there. This site is dedicated to skimboarding with a few pics and stuff from some crossover sports such as wakeboarding and snowboarding! No matter if you are stepping on a board for the first time, or if you are taming the Waimea shorebreak...this site can offer you something!

OK, first of all...some background. Josh and I are in our last year of college, currently attending Palm Beach Atlantic University in WPB, Fl...ya we know it sucks, but we are a half of a mile from the beach. We began skimboarding when we were about 14 years old on the flat beaches of Lake Worth Pier riding wooden, flat boards that were about 20 inches long!!!...but hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

Now, we are currently living in downtown WPB about a mile from the beach, so we are stoked...needless to say, we skim every day and we will report information on a daily basis...So if you see two kids on a scooter (Dumb and Dumber style) with skimboards or if you live in WPB, or even if you are just visiting...Start at Flagpole, and work your way north to Shark's Cove...I am sure you will find us somehwere in between! Keep riding and good luck!

Places We've Been...Local Spots We Skim
We always skim on the east coast of florida in West Palm Beach, Florida. We skim 40th Street in Boca, Charlie's, Flagpole, Clarke, Sunset, Dunbar, Reef Road, Shark's Cove, Ocean Reef on Singer Island, and occasionally Juno Pier. Also, Nick has skimmed the west coast of FL on Anna Maria and Sarasota. Josh has skimmed sick breaks in Hawaii on Maui and Oahu. We want to skim Laguna and The maybe a skim trip is in the future!

Random Info:
Josh: I was born and raised in Palm Beach county, but didnt learn to skim until my mid-teens, mostly just sand skimming and flipping over the waves until I came across wave riding. I surf, wakeboard, and snowboard and try to skate occasionally. I drive a white suburban and a little blue scooter so if you see me riding around in/on either one of those honk at me, yell at me, flick me off, etc. Madd props to John Marzlak who tought me how to skim!
Nick: I was also born and raised in Palm Beach County, lived here my whole life...needless to say we have been going to the beach for a while! I have only been skimming for real for about year now, but we all used to mess around on the smallest wooden boards ever and ride sand! I surf, not well, and wakeboard about as good as i surf...not well. I also play hockey and basketball...if you ever see me in a black expedition yell at me...and if you see me and josh riding Dumb and Dumber style on the back of his scooter...Laugh at us...then meet us at the beach!
PS: Jmarzlak ain't nuthin!

Link of the Week
Ebaumsworld...have fun playing the games!!!!!

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